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Strain pigeons

In the Netherlands you have fanciers who perform great themselves and who are also founding fathers of other lofts. The Hagens Brothers are a good example of this.

The men have built up a great base with pigeons from among other Jan Theelen and Bruggemann Brothers and later also Frans Bungeneers and Arjan Beens. The basis on which the strain is built up is consists of pigeons that have delivered top performances.

Namelu Sarina, Carcasonne, Sonja, Maxima, Bauer 014, and De Rode Kweker which are famous throughout the marathon world.

In recent years Alejandro and especially Angelo have been added and not to mention the 7e national Barcelona 2013, Gijs. Also in the racing are new toppers such as: Angeliño, Fedde, Harry, Meghan, Mees, Bram, Seppe and Honey.