In 2018 the men have had a great season with o.a. 3 times in the top 10 in big races:

10e national St. Vincent ZLU against 2.570 pigeons with Angeliño
9e national Dax S2 against 2.171 pigeons with Fedde
5e national Bergerac S2 against 3.090 pigeons with Harry

Other nice prizes in 2018:

17e and 86e national Perigueux S2 against 4.257 pigeons
9e and 76e Nat. Dax S2 against 2.171 pigeons
96e nat. St. Vincent S2 against 2.819 pigeons
36e , 49e and 95 national Agen ZLU against 5.754 pigeons
95e and 100e nat. Perpignan against 3.778 pigeons
The Brothers were in the strong FBZ 1e Non-nominated Champions

In recent years many top 10 prizes have been won on (inter)national and sectoral races:

1e Nat.Perpignan 3.815 p.
1e Internat. Perpignan 12.450 p.
1e Internat. Perpignan hens 2.233 p.
1e Nat. Tarbes 4.988 p.
1e Internat. Tarbes 5.031 p.
1e Internat. Barcelona hens 6.419 p.
1e Nat. St.Vincent 31.586 p.
2e Nat.Bordeaux S2 10.328 p.
3e Nat.Barcelona 8.140 p.
3e Nat.St.Vincent S2 8.556 p.
4e Nat.Cahors S2 7.747 p.
5e Nat. Bergerac S2 3.090 p.

5e Nat.Cahors S2 7.747 p.
5e Nat. Dax Z.L.U. 3.105 p.
6e Nat. Barcelona 7.767 p.
6e Nat. St.Vincent S2 7.377 p.
7e Nat. Agen jl. Z.L.U. 5.935 p.
7e Nat. Barcelona 6.909 p.
7e Nat. Barcelona 8.042 p.
7e Nat.Bordeaux S2 11.622 p.
9e Nat. Dax S2 2.171 p.
9e Nat.Montauban S2 3.379 p.
9e Nat.Tarbes S2 1.541 p.
9e Nat.Bordeaux S2 5.536 p.
10e Nat. St. Vincent 2.570 p.